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Requires 1024 x 768 resolution display.

TapType is an all-new virtual keyboard for Windows which will change the way you use your tablet PC.


Full Size Freedom

The TapType keyboard is almost full-size, so you can type with ease on your Windows tablet. The keys are expansive and placed with pixel-perfect precision to ensure the easiest typing position.

Whichever Way You Like

TapType can be rotated onto any side of the screen, so you can easily type in portrait, landscape, upside down or on the side. To make everything even simpler, TapType will rotate your actual Windows screen orientation along with the keyboard.

Fits With Windows

Windows is far from perfect for tablets, and TapType works around this. Open application windows can be resized with one tap so the keyboard slides in underneath, the keyboard can be made transparent, and it can be hidden or shown with ease.


TapType can be themed however you like, with a number of different styles included. The keypress sound can be changed, and you can choose your own with ease.